Friday, 24 July 2009

New Fassad

| BOSS: New Fassad \ PARTY: Lucas, Kumatora, Duster, Boney
| HP: 3182 \ PP: 364 \ OFF: 164 \ DEF: 78 \ IQ: 58 \ SPD: 45 \
| Okay, now, this is MY MOST HATED BOSS EVER ARRRGHHHH. Now that my raging is |
| over, I'll tell you the most painless way of dealing with this horny guy. |
| First, set up shields and raise your stats, and lower his. Have EVERYONE set |
| up with LOTS of healing items. Make sure of this! Have Kumatora spam PK |
| Thunder, and have Lucas use PK Love. Have Duster and Boney combo when not |
| healing. New Fassad also has a super attack that hits all party members. Be |
| weary of that. Have everyone possible equip Magypsy Razor and Lipsticks, but |
| mostly Lucas. Set up Psycho Shields to help guard against his onslaught. Once|
| New Fassad is almost dead, he'll start to heal himself, make sure you kill |
| him quickly once this happens. Good luck, this guy is SUCH A ******. |
| Also: There seems to be a pattern. After Fassad eats a banana, he'll send off|
| his most powerful attack. |
| EXP: 11121 | DP: 1200 | DROP: Luxury Banana |


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