Friday, 24 July 2009

Boss guides!

Time for a boss guide!!!
Reconstructed Caribou
BOSS: Reconstructed Caribou \  PARTY: Flint, Duster, Boney
| HP: 515 \ PP: 0 \ OFF: 57 \ DEF: 21 \ IQ: 15 \ SPD: 16 \
| This is it! Your first boss? Scared? Well, this guy can be a toughie if you |
| don't know what you're doing. |
| First off, you'll want Duster to use his Wall Staples on the beast. This will|
| immobilize him for a few turns. You'll want Flint to raise his OFF and DEF |
| for the battle. Have Boney attack. Once Flint has raised his stats, have him |
| on the offense and attack or use his Power Smash attack. If your HP drops |
| below 40, have Duster or Boney (assuming if you gave them healing items) use |
| healing items on someone. Not too hard, if I do say so myself.

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